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New Years Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions

I'm surprised that I haven't seen more New Years resolution threads. What are your plans for 2010?

I wrote this article for the local paper about four ways to help make sure that you get out and about more in the coming year.

Don't be passive - make active plans such as a calendar
Set specific goals - XXX number of trails or miles
Take the kids - Help build a child's love for the outdoors
Join a group - The trails are more fun when we ride with friends
The full text is HERE

For us 2010 will be busy, we've decided to visit three new (to us) trail systems a month. The bikes are going to get used this year!
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-quest to find the best hamburger
-travel to a country i've never been before
Curse more.
Drink more.
Screw more.
Be an utter bastard to all the rude little fcukers that I meet in pike parks.
To be an utter bastard to all lame arsed Victorian Australians who think that their little clubby bum-buddy circuit rides, are worth knowing about.
Be a better father.
Be a better son ... go puke!!!
Be an utter bastard and show up all lame arse condescending Victorian Australian ponces, who think that they invented SS riding.

That will do quite nicely ... for this year.

This is certainly a new year that I'm looking forward to.

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