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New year's resolutions

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Lets see those new year's resolutions! Try to keep at least part of it to relate to mountain biking....

Heres mine:
I resolve to push myself harder...I wanna race! ........ Without getting hurt... I hate needles
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um. Loose 20 lbs, therefore getting me in enough shape to win Cat 2 at Sea Otter DH.

Get to at least 10 events

Bang My GF

Get a job

Get a car
train more than I did last year to be stronger on the road. Finally hit 40mph while pedaling on flat ground and hold that speed

The more road training I do will only add to endurance on the mountain bike, so with that in mind... I'd like to do a race or two, dh and super d.

Quit my job, travel to a few great places with my lady, and then relocate to a place with better trails than the bay area.
lose 5 more lbs. win some races. blow off more responsibilities to go ride.
Do good in rehab, come back strong as soon as possible...
Start racing, and make a good name for a good company.
By the time I am back on the bike I will have rode 3 months in the last 22 staying injury free tops the list.

I am really skinny no weight loss...just keep it at 185 (6'1") and lifting weights to be stronger

Surf a lot more

work harder and make a mo mo money
I'm going to be more proactive in finding riders in this area that share my interest in freeriding; this is a racerboy infested area with like 27 XC trails here and not even one FR section, let alone a whole trail.
And getting things done around here takes an act of Congress to get done.
My resolution,is to not make any resolutions:thumbsup: .Just Ride.....
ride more.
finally build the trail I've been wanting to
take it bigger
get in better shape
get a tan
land an invert wakeboarding
be as rad as my dog thinks I am
Keep training as hard as I have been. Progress from Cat 1 to pro. Save enough money to be at a bike resort(race or not) every weekend of the summer.
Calidownhiller said:
Bang My GF

Get a job

Get a car
Those 3 need to be re-ordered like so.

Get a Job
Get a Car
Bang the Girly.

Girls dont like losers that lack having a car and or a job.
lose 20 lbs and get buff before the season :)
ermm 2 for me

stop going though so may rear mechs

to start racing
To go from Expert class to Pro.
Go to Northstar 10 more times than last year(22 times in '08)!
Get as many sponsorhouse deals as possible cause I'm awesome.
Lose my gut
Maintain my 2.0 [for eligability]
Get mad biking skill
Do good in baseball. maybe make var
Start racing in sport and progress to expert.
Get a job.
Start riding more "real" downhill, rather than just 7 Springs and Snowshoe. That includes traveling more, but im only 17 so that's a little limited atm. :( Also, start racing and such, im young enough that I have alot of time to learn!!
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