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Ride More!

Sounds simple, but how does that actually happen, married with children, work requires constant travel? I line in the Jax area, but work Jax to Melbourne to Orlando to G'ville and everything in between. Early fall, before time change I carried my bike a couple times and slipped into Santos and Carter Rd. (Lakeland). I'm a manufacturers rep in the construction industry, my boss wanted to know the ways we were challenging ourselves in the next likely more difficult year to retain and grow sales (sounds like a resolution to me).

My work goals create an opportunity to travel with my bike more, thus exploring the areas I know there are trails that I've yet to discover/ride. So my goal will be to ride every trail in the cities I work around, first will be the best previously reviewed ones. My goal is to ride a few times, if worthy, and update the reviews section appropriately.

My first challenges,
Graham Swamp
San Felasco
The Rock
Ft Clinch
Snow Hill
Spruce Creek
Turkey Creek
West Orange
Wickham Park

I have riden many of these, some regularly, some only once. But I also know many people come down here on vacation and are curious about bring their bike and finding something enjoyable. I grew up in N.AL and frequented Tsali, Brevard, Elijay, Blue Ridge, Monte Sano, Oak Mountain, Chilhowee, Tansai, etc so I think I have a broad base to bring comparisons to.

I'll update the Trail Review section as this is done.

Happy Trails!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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