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SkaredShtles said:
What are you talking about? Unemployment rules. :cool:
You are wrong, sir!

Mob Rules!!

And with that, the fearless leader of the T.I.T.S. mob....

..looks like he just went over the hill.... (weak pun intended)

...PBRme! rides into the sunset.

Not really, since it was noon & he was kinda heading north at the time...

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Over the hill pffft!

I am catching up with you guys! Except goat he's like what 35 and not sure how old Bad Andy is as last time at Ironworks an AARP card fell out of his wallet!

on to the goods:

Thank you to the hikers and snowshoers!
Winter Freezing Outdoor recreation Snow Bicycle tire

Lubes and his jugs!
Natural environment Winter Freezing Bicycle wheel Snow

Winter Slope Snow Freezing Sunlight

Evens some dirt from the stagecoach lot
Road Tree Trail Woody plant Winter

Bicycle wheel Mountain bike Mountain biking Bicycle frame Downhill mountain biking

Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim Winter Bicycle wheel Bicycle part

Bicycle wheel Branch Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim

Slope Winter Sunlight Snow Geological phenomenon

Winter Sunlight Freezing Sun Geological phenomenon

Mountainous landforms Winter Highland Mountain range Hill

Really perfect snow riding conditions! I thought elk ridge would be a snowy descent but actually had the most dirt and nice and packed!! Didn't hit up bergen peak but may go after it again tomorrow early-ish! as it was nice and packed down as well!

Never did see that bottle of Stranahans along side the trail for my bd present!!:confused: spike??

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Would love to get up there in the AM just threw it out here on the homefront and didnt get shotdown so who would be up for it? maybe an assault on bergen looked pretty packed down!

What time?
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