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New Years Day, 2006

What better way to beat a hangover than by doing an epic mountain bike ride. With the recent rains and the downpour the day before, there were few possibilties for a long dry ride. The obvious choice would be the Pinelands. The NJMBA Delaware River Chapter played host the the Delaware Trail Spinners mountain bike club. That made the ride even more special. Being able to lead people around your neighborhood and let them experience something different is always exciting.

We all met at Anapay's Restaurant to start at the beginning of the trail.

We head off of the Jersey Devil trail which is hard and fast as it normally is after rain. The beauty of Jersey sugar sand. Just the overgrown branches hitting us get us wet, but the temperature was hovering in the upper forties and plenty warm for this ride.

We were making great time, almost too fast and so we pulled back a little to allow everyone to enjoy the greenery. There is something special about being able to ride in the dead of winter with green trees surrounding you.

In all the times I have ridden here, I don't recall any blodd ever being drawn. Well, the first blood of the pines was drawn.

We road the JD trail and then the Mount Misery trail for a total of 26 miles.

We even ran into a pack of wolves. Not really. There was some type of sled dog competition going on.

It was a great ride that was finished with brunch at Anapay's. It was great to have the DTS folks join us. They are such a great organized club and terrific to learn from as the NJMBA ventures forward.

Satelite image of ride:

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