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Hey guys,

I'm in the market for a new 2013 or 2014 model of XC Hardtail 29er. My budget is about 2000.

I've had my eye seriously on the Devinci Wooky XP (2014) model or the Rocky Mountain Vertex 950. So far I've seen the specs on them and have seen both at my LBS. Has anyone had any real riding experience on either one?

The vertex is $250 more but has the fox fork and a bit better compenents. Is it worth the extra cash as the Devinci is also very well speced?

I mostly want to do races with the bike and weekend warrior riding. I'm not planning on winning any big prizes but I do enjoy competition and want to see myself improve. My Goals are to get a bike that I can grow with and will last a few years without significant upgrades, but will also be good at climbing and technical terrain.

Your comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I anticipate pulling the trigger on one of these bikes (or a good alternative in Ontario Canada) in the next two weeks. After which I will write a full review on the bike.
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