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Hey there everyone,

So i'm looking to get a new wheelset for a new Blindside build i'm doing in the spring and i'm looking for some advice. I've been set on just getting the TBC revolution pre-built set for a while, but as i've been sitting around day dreaming, i've been thinking about other options. Here's what i'm looking for:

1. I want to keep them as light as possible (like everyone) but i'm a big guy (240 geared up) and i don't want to sacrifice strength
2. I'd like a good sounding rear hub with decent engagement. I've only ever had cheap stock specialized hubs and i'd like something a nicer with a little more noise:)
3. Blue ano hub and white rims would be a bonus, but not a requirement (not trying to be a bling poser, but it's fun to build something that looks good, right?)
4. lowest price possible, as i'm on a pretty tight budget and i still need to get a few other components for the bike.

so one option i had thought of was hope pro II hubs laced to TBC revolution rims or Syncros DPS-32 rims.

second option would be for a better rim and lesser hub and going with the TBC hub and a mavic 721or 729 rim.

also, how do the azonic outlaws compare to the TBC revolution sets? are the hubs comparable? is one louder than the other? engagement points?

also, transition is selling the brown revolution wheelsets for 217$ right now which just seems like a really good deal to have a set of wheels to get the build rolling...

so i'm not sure if this is rediculous or not, just wanted to get some peoples opinion. I'll be doing about the same part DH and FR on the bike and plan on using the rims for as long as possible so durability is key too.

How big of a difference do engagement points have? i believe the TBC hubs are 22 point and the hopes are 36 with 3 pawl and 72 with 2 pawl engagement. I'm not sure how important that is going to be to me at this point.

thanks for any feedback/suggestions.

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