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Super light, stiff enough for my ~140lbs. Took more force to deflect than my road wheels. Converted to tubeless, new tires, reduce wheel weight by almost 3lbs over stock.

American Classic hubs, Stan's NoTubes ZTR 355 29er rims, Sapim CX-Rays as shown. Add Olympic valve stem and Stan's tape on each wheel, 60mL of sealant per wheel, hand picked F+R Bontrager Jones XR tires. Total wheel weight with tires installed, sealant added, aired up and sealed: 1340g front, 1480g rear. I'll be adding a set of 160mm Alligator Serrated rotors. With the rotors and bolts on my stock old (new "mud") wheels, they averaged more than 2000g a piece, about 4150g for the set, if I remember correctly. With rotors, the new wheels will be around 3050g for the set.

Definitely pleased with my purchase, and tubeless conversion.


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