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Gotta question for you guys.

I've done a few builds on new wheels, using a truing jig without using an extra dish gauge. To verify dish, you have to remove wheel in jig, flip it over and tighten accordingly. Flip, adjust and verify, flip, adjust and verify, etc. Process works well, just takes a long time.

I was very impressed with the spocalc program from Damon Rinard. Seems very detailed. My question is this: If I know the spoke calc length of my spokes, and I know the actual length of the spokes that I purchased, can I use thread count to do my initial dishing?

You know that point where you have all spokes installed, and you turn everyone down until exactly two threads are showing? Spokes are still pretty loose. Possible to obtain initial dish by turning down appropriate side spokes to match calculations based on thread count per mm? Obviously you'd have to check final dish with either a gauge or a flip/check method as things get tightened down.

It would be a lot easier here while things are very loose. Anybody used this technique before? (Could this be an upgrade to Damon's program?)

thanks in advance
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