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New Weekly Mtn-Bike Training Ride:

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6PM on Thursdays: We have a strong small group of guys that are meeting in the parking lot at the top of Mtn. View Ave in Loma Linda, CA. Goal is to get a decent thurday evening training ride going in order to give riders a venue where they can train hard and learn racing techniques in a challenging setting.

The course is appx 1 to 1.5 miles long w/ appx 400 ft of climbing per lap. For those of you familiar w/ the area, the course basically goes up the canyon from the parking-lot east to '4-corners' about 1 km up, then left which climbs quickly, then quick descent to the north which puts you on the front ridge along Beaumont Ave. Then along the ridge west to the power-lines, a quick left and screaming straight descent north back down to the canyon which picks up right above where we start.

If enough riders want to do a specific distance, we can warm-up to the top of the climb slowly, then have 'start/finish' up there. Seems 5 laps is a good distance so far usually taking close to an hour.

Right now we've got a couple semi-pros, a few roadie cat 1/2's, and novices mixed in.

Goal is to get 15-20 guys a week. This isn't anything formal, just an opportunity to get out and push it with other riders.

When: Thursdays 6PM
Where: Top of Mtn View Ave off I-10 in Loma Linda, bottom parking lot.
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RethMan said:
.......... semi-pros, a few roadie cat 1/2's, ..........
Cat 1 and 2s? Can you say damm fast group ride.
Whoa, nice picture!
yeah, you gotta see this program

i spend hours exploring s. calif for trails. basically you're private helicopter. . . only limitation is w/ forests. . . cant really see below the trees. (well worth $50 a year)
I might have to try in OC, there isn't much problem with forests....
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