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So I was surfing that other (Canadian) MTB page and came across a new way that TBC and some other manufacturers are measuring frames. I thought it was a great idea as I have two bikes (a C-Dale Chase D-jumper and a SC Nomad) that I have set up with the exact same:
Effective top tube length
Stem length
Seat height (center BB to top of saddle)
Head and seat tube angles
same distance from headset to tip of seat
same saddle setback
same handlebar width
etc. etc. etc.
I think you know where I am going. They are set up EXACTLY the same (except one is a HT, and the other FS with a .75 inch longer rear triangle. Now I know that the ~1 inch longer chainstay length would not change how the cockpit feels, and even though I have done everything possible to set them up EXACTLY the same, they feel totally different in the cockpit. The new measuring system takes into account REACH and STACK:
Product Text Line Slope Font

I have not yet had a chance to measure the stack and reach of the two, but this may explain the problems I am having, and I would GREATLY appreciate these measurements for all bikes. I LOVE the way my HT feels in the cockpit, and (do I dare say) wish my Nomad felt more like my Chase. I think this is info that would greatly enhance the bike buying experience, and would give a better description of how a bike will "ride".
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