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new video

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new video, 11 megs, a little over a 1:40 long

let me know wat you think
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Nice riding. Anyone that can put video and music together in an entertaining way, I give 'em props. Not all videos need the fancy-shmancy transitions and high-tech gizmos and stuff to be entertaining. I give you and your peeps props! Good job.
Agreed with above, nice riding. The redheadded kid cut it really close on that picnic table hop, non-the-less it was sick. Keep it up, how old are you guys?
ha the red headed kid is me...i had to manual the very edge of the table because there are holes at in the middle that would hurt to fall in..we are both 16

thanks for the praise guys!! im hoping to come out with a new video every month
Nice video. Just one suggestion would be to leave a little more of the clip before the jump, so it doesnt cut to a jump when hes just leaving the ramp, it makes it a little harder to watch IMO. Still a sweet video, just like your last two that you posted. Keep up the sweet ass work.

Good job. I look forward to the next one. I wish I could be 16 again and take those chances...
nice vid...

Not wearing a helmet is your choice, but concrete and steel be a b!tch on the noggin.
Nice Im likin that cruiser tricycle thing.. ;)
Sweet Vid!

Where's that park located? Is it entirely made out of metal? Looks like it'd be a blast to ride, but hurt like a b!tch when you go down...
BTW awesome manual on that picnic table, wicked 180 tail taps, Fufanus, 360s etc.
yeswayjay said:
Good job. I look forward to the next one. I wish I could be 16 again and take those chances...
Um, your like 12...
I would love to ride in a skatepark, we have one in town but there are no bikes allowed, its a little small, and right next to the police station. Maybe I will just go when its empty and check it out.
hey, the park is in bloomington, illinois, and it is entirely metal, which is not very nice to fall in when there is sun shining down on them for any period of time ;)

as for the helmet, i do want to get one for park, but for street i wouldn't really wear it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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