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At 6'3" I have always been between sizes when looking at bikes and have , in the past, always opted for the smaller bike.I did this again when I bought my Orange El Comandante and it felt fine although I realised I had a heap of seatpost showing and that my saddle was a little too far back on the rails.
On top of this I had wanted to try a Jones bar which would have meant a far too long stem for my liking.
Well I finally got my bigger frame yesterday along with the H-bars to "trial".

Sexy Electric (I prefer Candy Apple) Red (I was truly not keen on this colour until I saw it in person).

Matching Ventana fork is on its way and my new wheelset should be completed by the end of next week (Hope Pro II hubs laced to Sun DS2 rims via DT Champion spokes)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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