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New UZZI and Tracer VP rear shock 6mm mounting harware

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So yes on the new UZZI VP and also tracer, both bolts for the rear shock mounting are 6mm. But take a closer look on the farest rear mounting: indeed it's a 6mm bolt but there's a axle going through both left and rear bushes. Inside diameter 6mm of course but outside diameter 12.8mm so it reinforce this mounting point.
I wonder where I'm gonna find 12.8mm bushes when the time of replacement come. And if I want to switch th a Manitou Evolver ISX6 what kind of bushes shall I take ?
Is it standard because of the width of these bushes (41mm for left+right) ?
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Any shop should be able to supply you with the 1/2" bushes you need (12.7mm).

Manitou uses 12mm bushes.

Thanks Ole, I didn't know about the 1/2"
I'm gonna check with the distributor here in France or with chain reaction to get some
Have a good weekend !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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