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New you go all out or take it easy?

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I was riding a trail today that I had never been on so I was taking it pretty easy and was getting passed by some novice riders. So I started thinking (bad mistake) do most people ride a new trail balls to the wall or do they take it easy so not to get tricked by the trail? I'd like to know what you think! Thanks!
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Neither. I ride it at a "comfortable" pace. It can be fast but I do not go into any blind corners or such flat out. I do love to "sight-ride" trails and I rarely pre-ride race courses (I also prefer races with just one or two long loops).
Just crank. I love cranking new trails not knowing whats coming up nexted its a challenge and a rush so yes I realy dont take it easy but I dont go all out either.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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