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new toys for the boys

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I just got back from vacationing in LBI, NJ. I bought a weeride for the wife to take our 20mo and a trailgator for me to haul the 4yo. I got both a week before we left, so everyone could get used to them. It was the best. Both boys loved it and the baby screeched with excitement everytime he saw the bikes. Now he points to the garage door wanting to go for a ride. The 4yo like it, because his legs aren't strong enough to pedal and keep the balance of the heavy little bike. He was depending on his training wheels too much and always leaning to the left. Only problem we had was the heat didn't allow us to ride as much as we wanted too. 95 is too hot for the baby to be out for long. I did have to tighten the nuts on the trailgator the first time out, but once that was done, we were good to go.
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