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I must say - it is a pretty bad ass helmet. Damn. I'm used to the "Italian clasp/rear of the head huggin" type of helmets like LAS and KASK. They are super snug and really clasp the base of your skull. This one, being a mtb helmet, covers the back of your head but also manages to give you that "clasped in" feeling. There are 3 tabs inside the helmet that allow you to extend or retract the skull strap. Once I was able to place it in the 3rd slot I was sold :). Fit me perfectly.

Went for a fairly hot ride today and the ventilation was really good. I was choosing between a matte grey with green stripes and opted for the glossy orange w/ black accents. Looks pretty dope :) At first the straps seem a bit annoying but when you adjust it correctly it fits very well under the chin, around the neck.

I drove over an hour to ride a trail today and left my KASK helmet at home. I decided to check a local shop so I could buy a "temp" helmet for the ride.....I ended up getting this one cause it was THAT good. I'm picky, I haggle and I'm pretty sensible when it comes to purchases. I tired on Several ones at the store but this one just had me coming back to it. Hope this review helps anyone on the fence :)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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