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New to this Klein

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Hello everyone out there in MTB land. Im new to the sport and I dont know much. I know a guy who wants to trade me a Klein Mantra Comp and I dont know much about the bike other than its about 9 yrs old and its looks to be in sweet condition. Anything you guys can tell me about it? If I wanted to change out the suspension front and rear would todays components fit? Any info is much appreciated THANX
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Don't buy it. The suspension design is 10 years old and works like crap compared to today's suspension designs. They were notorious for breaking and haaving a very steep head angle.

There is a reason the Unified Rear Triangle suspension design went the way of the Dodo Bird.
If you are looking for a bike to ride - steer clear for the reasons posted by the previous member. If you are looking for a bike to hang up and appreciate for its role in MTB history....snag it. There are not to many around since so many of them broke.
any idea how much they are worth?
Dallascannon said:
any idea how much they are worth?
Not cheap enough for me to ride one. Really there are better options out there for the money.
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