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I am the sales coordinator for our all-volunteer bike charity R Community Bikes in Rochester, NY. For the past six years we have given over 2500 (yes, 2500) refurbished bikes each year to the needy for free in the Rochester NY area. We have also provided about 4000 free repairs to the community each year.

The area community has been amazing in supplying us with bikes. Folks come in every day to donate bikes to us. Groups like Rotary Clubs, churches, scout troops, businesses etc., do drives for us. Bikes shops collect for us. Since our founding in 2001 by two guys doing a kind deed at a soup kitchen we have kept about 45,000 bikes out of the landfill. We have been incorporated as a 501c(3) since 2008. Check us out at

We get some amazing bikes donated to us. Soon I'll post about a nice American Breezer. I and a few others sell good refurbished used bikes and collectibles like this to help with the expenses. All proceeds go back into the program. No one is paid. I have found forums like this to be invaluable for learning about bikes and bike values. Thanks to those who make this forum possible.

Fred, for R Community Bikes
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