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New to riding in Orange County

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So I just moved back to my parents house in Orange County for a while up from the San Luis Obispo and I brought my bike. I was wondering if anyone has any top suggestions for trails to ride as I am only going to be down here for a week or two. i am also willing to ride with others that know the trails. I am a pretty decent rider on a Giant Reign and am willing to do some uphill if the downhill is worth it. Let me know what kind of riding Orange County has to offer and I would love to show anyone riding up in SLO when i get back up there
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Orange County has a lot to offer. Aliso Woods is one many favorites. Here is a ride I recommend if you don't like climbing.
are you available early Wednesday morning, say 6:30?
Yikes 6:30 is a little early for me. I just finished school and am going to be sleeping in a tad. I am probably going to head out at like 10 or so tomorrow to try the trail posted above as well as whiting ranch-Live Oak tomorrow if it is still open. Does anyone have any information as to if it is still open?

They're both open dawn 'til dusk unless it's raining. Which, of course, it's not right now.
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