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New to New Haven....

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Hey Guys,

I just moved from the Baltimore/Washington to New Haven, CT for a pharmacy residency. Looking to meet some fellow riders in the area. I enjoy all types or terrain and riding, XC, all mountain DHing etc...

I live right in downtown New Haven. I have done some researching on nearby trails, looks like west ridge is close and decent. Any other recommendations as far as good weekend rides?


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Hey Adam,

Welcome to CT. Good riding at West Rock right near NH proper.

In the near area there's Trumbull and Westwoods. A bit further away there's Case, Middlesex and a host of other areas.

If you want a tour of some of those "further away" places, let me know - Middlesex is one of my favorites.

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Straight up 91, in Wallingford, is Tyler Mill. Can't be more than 20 mins from Downtown NH. Good XC terrain. Just stay away after rain - parts of it can get very muddy and damaged.

Check out for directions, maps and reviews.
Tyler Mill is a local spot for me, I live in the same town.... Great place to go riding. West Rock is another local favorite for me. I just went to Trumbull this weekend and that is pretty cool too.
I'm in East Haven, if you private message me your phone number, I can give you a heads up when I go for a ride. I have a ride list for people in this area. We usually ride Westwoods, Timberlands, Millers Pond, and the ocassional goofing around Supply Pond.
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