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New to MTB's

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May name is Mike, and I just am getting into big bikes.

I have BMXed for many years, even raced for two.
After getting uncomfortable on the 20"ers (6'1"), I decided to step up to something bigger. I had always liked downhill trails anyways. I even took my bmx bike and put some 2.3 knob tires on it and took it where the full suspension bikers went. They gave me looks, but whatever.

Two years ago I bought a FLOW magazine while on vacation, just for fun, and found out how cool MTB's could be. The size different is great, but I just love the looks of certain bikes.

Last year I started looking at hardtail freeride type bikes and found out a Specialized p.2 was right for me. It wasn't too spendy, and looked sweet.
I hate paying full price, so I searched ebay and found about 2-3 p.2's on there per week.
I first wanted to ride one so I knew what I was getting myself into.
I had my LBS order one, just so I could get a feel for it. It was the last 05' p.2 that the store chain had. They wanted $900 for it and I said no way and ran out.

I went back to ebay and kept on looking. Just until recently I was getting discouraged. I knew I had to get a bike before I go to college this fal (Wyotech), because I don't exactly want to drive (money).

I found an 05' p.2 that looked to have hardly been used, so I bid on it. I ended up paying $700 to get it to my door. That was still $200 cheaper than the LBS one.
It also had been very slightly modified:
roox torque bar
sun single track (24"/26")
kona saddle
aftermarket stem (?)
lock-on grips (can't remember for sure, hah)
Block 8 pedals (stock?)
Race tires (2.3/2.35)

I got it 10 days later (dam USPS) and it was completely dissasembled in a very small box (seller warned me of this, though.)
I started assembling it and had no troubles, except getting moms carpet dirty.

I spun the wheels and noticed some drag on the rotors, I tried adjusting via the trigger, but was too excited and got to riding.
I took it into the alley and noticed the cranks really creaked when pressure was applied. I tightened up the arm bolts real good, but no change. (take apart, clean, then grease, right?)

Will I need any special tools to remove and install cranks after I clean them?

After seing how it rode I really wanted it to work smoothly, so I went back to the brakes.
The fronts really grabbed, and squeaked a little. The backs were very weak. They didn't grab barely at all. I couldn't lock tire up even with weight over front wheel. I could get front to lock with weight over back wheel, though.
I pulled the rear pads and took glaze off with light sandpaper. No difference. I cleaned the disc to make sure there were no traces of oil or other lubricants. Nope, still crappy. Because discs are new to me I don't really know how to adjust them.
I tried to get the pads as close as possible to the rotor,s but the rotors are a little warped, and would rub. I tried to true them with some pliers, but it didn't get better. I think it got worse actually. I used the reccomended method too.
Is there a single tool that will help me with this? Is it worth it to have a shop true them? Along with the wheels I might add. When I get something done, I want it to be done right.
Is there a guid that will show me how to properly tune my brakes? It seems that with all my bikes I have a crappy trigger feel. I like when they are very tight, and almost no trigger movement is needed to grab discs. I suppose that is how it should to be anyways. But I will need true discs first.
Another thing is that when I go into a corner fast (moto style with my knee almost dragging) I sounds like the discs are rubbing...but I'm not sure.

I biked very fast to the store today to pick up some stuff. I looked down at my pedals and saw the left one was working its way off of the spindle. It was still tight in the crankarm, but the pedal came loose and was working its way off the shaft.
As I was on my way home I was pedaling furiously in top gear (keeping up w/30mph traffic) and as I rode by the Jiffy Lube, I waved to all the workers at the place, which included a friend of mine who works there. As I waved, I had all my weight on the left pedal, and I hadn't been paying attention, so the pedal had worked its way even farther off of the shaft. Right then, the pedal popped off and it bounced around in the street. I slowly stopped and turned around to pick it up. On the way home I had to be very conscious of where the pedal was. As I was coming through a parking lot, the pedal began to fall off and I tried to kick it back on with the side of my foot. But instead I hit it under my bike, and ran over it. It was not flat on the ground, and kicked the rear of my bike a good foot in the air. Scared the crap outta me.
When I got home I took the pedals off my BMX bike (Primo Supertenderizers) and stuck them on. They are super heavy and beefy, but they feel good and work.

The derailuer once in a while seems to miss gears. Is there a way to tune it?

I know of a guy who knows lots about bikes, but he is very hard to get a hold of, and I'm not sure if I will ever get a hold of him.

I just found a base Yakima system (gutter mounts and bars) in our garage, so I am going to mount that to my Cherokee (other hobby) and get to places that way.

I know I forgot some stuff, but I'd just like to say HELLO!

If you read this far, I'm proud. Please respond.


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Sounds to me that the extra $200.00 for a new model would have been worth it. If you don't have the skills to properly fix it, I suggest taking it to the LBS and letting them sort it out.
Good luck with it.
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