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new to mountain bikes

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OK so I am new to the mountain bike seen. I live in Fl and have been racing BMX for 9 years now. I want to start riding 4x and xc but do not know where to start. Can someone help me out?

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Do you have a budget in mind for how much you want to spend on a bike? Don't forget accessories like helmet, gloves, etc.
Im not trying to go crazy expensive. I wanna make sure I like it before I put alot of money in to it. I have most the accessories from racing BMX. And I work at a bike shop so I can get a decent bike. They sell jamis and i was looking at the Komodo or the durango as a starter bike. Any opinions?
Jamis is a great brand to get you rolling- pretty nice specs for the price and a solid rep.
I have no experience with the Durango but the Komodo would be a great choice to get you started on 4x.
I started out racing BMX and cross country was like a giant BMX track for me. Heck, I'm even going back to my roots by converting to single speed with a freewheel. ; )
It's my humble opinion that you'll want a hardtail in the ~$600 range as this gives you decent components without breaking the bank. Heck, if you work at a shop you should be able to borrow or ride a demo bike to see what you like. I think most of the entry/mid level bikes are pretty darn similiar component and geometry wise.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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