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I know this is long but would love some good input.

I bought a used whored together bottle rocket off pink bike. Got a great deal on it but it requires a bit of attention parts wise.

What it was:

8 inch rear rotor 6 inch front rotor. Rear Avid Juicy 5's Front Hayes.

Ghettoized front chain ring (dual bash guard ground for frame clearance... didn't grind enough)

Beat Atomlab DHR wheels.


Fixed Items:

Nabbed my Avid Juicy 7 brakes from my vagrant. Solved
Nabbed my Transition Revolution 36 wheels from my vagrant. Solved

Outstanding Items:


I'd like to convert my bottle rocket to single speed. I am going to use a spacer kit on my revolution rear hub as I don't want to lace a new wheel yet until I decide if I really like SS on the BR.

What I am looking at is chain tensioners for it. There are a few options, some look crappy, some are hard to get, I would LOVE some input and recommendations.

I figure only the Yess, Shimano, and Paul Melvin are viable for a full suspension free ride bike.

I am looking at the Shimano Alfine that Metzger used on his Blindside, the issue is it isn't available in the states, is a pain to get, and costs a lot to ship here, good chance of getting screwed.

I am looking at the Yess ETR-V Vertical Chain Tensioner. This really seems like a nice piece of equipment and I definitely like it, the problems are it's quite costly and they don't have pics of it so I don't even know if it is in production yet. I like this as my current number 1 choice. I have an outstanding e-mail with Yess confirming it will work for what I want and is available.

Paul Melvin Chain Tensioners, seems nice but I hear there are chain alignment issues if you aren't using his hubs and you have to ghetto washer rig the unit to get it to fit.

There is also these but I don't think they will work with MTB's.

Surly Singleator with upgrade. My issue here is people have said that the chain falls off a lot and it seems cheap.

Soul craft convert, seems like an expensive version of the Surly which looks like it might have the same issue for MTB.

What do you guys think? What would you guys use?


Front chain ring... I yanked off everything so it is just cranks and 4 point mount, I have the ring and 1 good FSA bash guard but don't have the right sized bolts for it, when i mock everything up there the chain line doesn't seem to line up with the Transition Chain Guide I have mounted on the frame, seems like if I mount the ring on the inside the chain guide is trying to rip the chain off the sprocket and it just can't go on the outside with a bash ring, plus it will be spaced to far out.

What are my options here? I know it is hard to visualize this I will try to post pics later.

I really like to do my own work but I think these two items might involve an intervention with a bike shop just so if it doesn't work I can blame someone else :).

I appreciate any input, thanks!


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What are you going to use the bike for? I had a Singlespeed BR and converted it to gears after about a month of riding. SSing a 35-40 pound BR is not the best thing to do IMO. It's a FR bike not a DJer. Unless you're only riding is at lift assisted parks you will appreciate having some gears on there.
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