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As mentioned in the title, I'm debating building up a full suspension bike while transferring over some of the components from my hardtail. I purchased the custom NS Bikes hard tail earlier this year in February/March time-frame just because it's what I could get my hands on. The frame doesn't really fit me as it's a Medium, and I'm 6 foot tall. I put some riser bars on it and played with stem length to get a better fit.

Anyways, I'm looking at moving to a full suspension now that I'm getting into more enduro style riding, and would appreciate more travel. That being said, most full suspension bikes these days are either way out of my price range, or those that are within my price range have a few components that I'd want to change out such as wheelset, drivetrain, etc. So here I am, I'd like to figure out if it's going to be better for me to transfer some components over and build up a full suspension, or whether I should buy new. I'm not looking for a carbon fiber bike for 5-6k, I'm looking to spend in the 2-4k range to get into a decent bike whether it's building and transferring parts, or buying new.

Here's my current hard-tail, and its components. I've marked TRANSFER out to the side of components I believe could possibly be moved to the new full-suspension build. However, I'm not sure on compatibility, especially with boost/non-boost spacing and all of that.



Frame - NS Bikes Eccentric ALU Evo 29 - Buy new or used full suspension with shock included

Tires - Specialized Ground Control GRID - 2Bliss Ready - 27.5, 2.6"

Rims - RACE FACE 29" AR 40 - TRANSFER if possible with new tires

Hubs - Origin 8 - Unsure of model..Front axle is MAXLE 158mm L - 9MM TL - M15x1.5 TRANSFER if possible with rims and new tires

Fork - Rockshox Recon Silver RL 120MM - Don't transfer - FOX 36?

Headset- Cane Creek 40-Series - Can this be transferred?

Handlebars - Spank Spoon 60mm rise - Rise will be too much on Large frame more than likely , buy new.

Grips - BV lock-on grips - Buy new

Stem - TRUVATIV DESCENDANT 60MM - Buy new - 35mm?

Pedals - Puroma 9/16 inch Platform - Order new RACEFACE Chesters

Cranks - TruVativ Stylo 6K Aluminum Eagle - TRANSFER

Bottom Bracket - SRAM DUB - TRANSFER

Chain - GX Eagle - Have new

Chainring - DECKAS - Order new?

Rear Gear - Sunrace CSMZ90 12 Speed 11-50 Cassette - TRANSFER

Rear derailleur - SRAM GX Eagle - TRANSFER

Shifting levers - SRAM GX Eagle Trigger - TRANSFER

Front Brake- TRP - Slate T4 - TRANSFER

Rear Brake- TRP - Slate T4 - TRANSFER

Brake disks/rotors - Snail 203MM - TRANSFER

Seat post - Bontrager with Corki clamp - Buy new dropper

Saddle - Oval 238 - Buy new saddle

Bottle Cage - Arundel Looney Bin - TRANSFER

This might be worth bringing into my local bike shop, but I'm sure they'll want to pitch me a bunch of their brands, etc. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me out with what would be worth transferring to a new full-suspension build up, or whether I should just sell this hardtail and invest that money into a new bike.

For what it's worth, I bought this hardtail for $750, and I've gotten a ton of riding out of it. Some of the components like the brakes, wheelset, and drivetrain are better than some of the components I'm seeing on 3-4k brand new full-suspension bikes. I'm having a hard time justifying buying a brand new full-suspension with SX drivetrain, etc.. which is why I'm looking into transferring components. Who knows, maybe I'll save money that way?

Including some pics here!

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some things can transfer. others can't.

Most will depend on whatever frame you want to buy. Like the headset. Some frames will use the same headset as your current. Others won't.

You need to be clear about the hub specs for the wheels you have. Those wheels will transfer to a lot of frames, but not all. I assume that you have a mixed wheel setup currently? That will limit some of your frame choices. The biggest thing you need to know WRT that is the rear hub. Is it boost or super boost?

Your bb may not transfer. Looks threaded? You'll have options, but some frames will use pressfit bearings there.

Otherwise, I think you have a reasonable expectation of what will transfer. The things you are already planning to buy new are more expensive, but add headset and bb to your budget (just in case). I think trying to keep the same hub spacing spec (and ability to use a mixed wheel setup) as your current frame should give you enough options that you could find some. But you may find yourself waiting awhile for it.

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Where you need not just a frame and fork, but a number of other pats, you're likely to be spending pretty close to the price of a full bike anyway, so may as well get one that already rides.
Maybe then swap out a couple things from your NS that you feel are markedly better for whatever reason and put the take-offs back on the old bike so that it remains a complete rig that's either rideable or a whole lot easier to sell than a stripped carcass.

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I really appreciate your input guys, based on what you've mentioned here and what others have said on the pinkbike forum, it sounds like I'll be buying a new full suspension and or used instead of building one up. I do like your option @slapheadmofo , in case I don't like a certain component compared to the old hardtail.
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