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Hi guys :)

I have recently really gotten into hiking as I am getting my butt back outdoors for physical and mental reasons. My sister has recently taken up biking with her hubby and they both bought some Trek fitness bikes(he has a7.2, i believe). I was over there the other day and I cannot tell you how much fun I had on it. When I was a kid, riding my bike was pretty much all I did and getting back on one felt awesome!

I know you dudes get bombarded with "help me find a bike" posts, so I apologize. But, with the amount of choices out there it really is overwhelming! Here is a general layout of what I am looking for:

- Use:Trail/eventual off-road.

- Hardtail mountain

- "Little guy" brands: I have a complex about big corporations. I would rather buy from a smaller company if possible.

- Budget: $500-$800. I really can't go beyond $800.

- I do not want a junk bike. I want something that will last me a good long while until eventually stepping up if needed.

- New or used

- FYI, I am 6'1" 190lbs.

I went to a local shop today, but literally 90% of their bikes were Trek and they had very few hardtails for sell. I'm going to go to a couple more shops Sunday.

I'm open to any suggestions, really.

Thank you very much!

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Look at Felt, Scott, Jamis or Rocky Mountain (I think they have something in that range). These may not be small companies but it's hard to find them in stock at a dealer I've found which limits their popuplairty. Also, there is a premium when buying from a small company so you may get more bike buying a "Trek"... I could be wrong.

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there is nothing wrong with big names .. trek and giant are probably at the top at any list its not like it is something from walmart but sometimes the warrantys the big companys offer are great..

to help you can also check out k2 yeti and fuji
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