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really want a 29r. and i really want to build, not buy. was looking online and saw the access for $250 with no negative reviews. saw a giant xtc for $600, and a niner emd for $500. i think niner is damn good quality, and was surprised at the giant price. and, im sure there are better prices, i just started looking. i need some suggestions

best place to buy from, both in selection, and price/service?

frame suggestions- the less i spend here, the more i spend on wheels.

plans. im in the air on gear setup. either SS, dingle speed, or 1x9. need to test ride to get closer to a decision. however, i plan rigid, and budget. i do have a tendency to go big, and ill probably start with a niner fork cause i like the way they look.

please, suggest away!
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