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New tire choices for Motolite

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I'm riding a 08 Motolite and looking to switch up my wire setup. I have the stock Nevegal up front and a Hutchinson Python in the rear. I really don't like the feel of the phython. I ride hardpacked single track with a 60/40 mix of technical rocky/rooty areas and flowing smooth areas. You can feel the tires dragging along on all the climbs and a lower rolling resistance with similar cornering would be ideal. I'm considering a 2.1 Kenda small block 8 in the rear and i have no clue what i want for the front. I've been looking at schwalbe racing ralph, bontrager XDX's, specialized captians, maxxis high rollers, maxxis advantages, and maxxis ignitors. I'm not sure what to size to run in the front also. So what does the Mtbr community think?
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the Nevegal front and Small Block 8 rear is a good combination. A 2.35 Nevie in the front to help with rocks and roots and handle cornering duties is an excellent choice. The 2.1 SB 8 in the rear will lower your rolling resistance without giving up too much in the traction department. You will loose a little bit of climbing traction in the rear and they won't corner as hard a Nevegal, but they do corner a bit better than the Pythons IMHO. The only place the SB 8's really suck is if things turn muddy. They pack up super fast. And on the subject of rolling resistance I've found that having a faster rolling rear tire is much more noticeable than having them both front and rear.

My choice would be a 2.1 or 2.3 Nevegal in the front and a 2.1 SB 8 in the rear. Or if you want to go higher volume both front and rear the 2.3 Nev and the 2.3 SB would also work well.

Good Dirt
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I just switched from 2.3/2.1 Nevegal to a Weirwolf 2.1 in front and Small Block in the rear. The rolling resistance and lower weight were significantly better. I agree with squash's comment about mud. There was a bit of mud on the trails and the back did get a little squirrelly. This combo seems like it's going to be a good bet for the midwest. I could tell a little difference up front when landing small jumps with the skinnier tire. It was a little more harsh, but I can deal with that for the gains in rolling resistance and much lower weight.
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