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new spokes needed? XTR - Pro II

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I've got a pretty much new wheelset that's running XTR hubs, DT swiss spokes and ZTR355 rims. I'm considering changing the front hub from a M978 15mm to a Pro2 so I can run 20mm forks. Will I need to get new spokes for this, or is it possible to get a wheelbuilder to dismantle the wheel and rebuild with the current spokes?
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It totally depends on two things -

#1 is the hub measurements of the two hubs. They have to be exact or very close to it. It's highly doubtful. The Wheelpro Spoke Calculator will tell you everything you need to know.
#2 is the age and condition of the spokes. Almost zero wheelbuilders will re-use old spokes or rims. They have a reputation to uphold. You may reuse the spokes if none are damaged and they are of a reasonable age.

Bottom line - new spokes for you.
nothing wrong with reusing spokes if they are in good condition and the numbers work out, but it's ultimately up to the wheelbuilder and what he/she is comfortable with. i'm about to reuse wheelsmith db spokes to rebuild a king iso wheelset onto hope pro II (SS). no qualms whatsoever, but i'm the wheelbuilder (both cases), it's a personal wheelset, and i'm ultimately responsible for the results.
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