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New Singlespeed Build Up

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Just scooped up a Leader 510H frame and looking to add a nice XC suspension fork. I was initially going to keep it rigid with a 1x1 fork, but since this will be my first aluminum bike in quite a while (all my bikes are steel) I figured it would be better to provide something a bit more substantial up front.

Not anything spectacular, no more than 350 and I will be running Avid Digit 7 V Brakes, so bosses or plots for bosses are a must.

Current Models Considering:

Rock Shox Tora 302
Rock Shox Tora 318
Rock Shox Tora Race
Marzocchi 22R
Marzocchi XC 600
Marzocchi MX Pro
Marzocchi 33 TST

Does anyone have any experience with these models?
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Jet, I don't have any experience with any of these but I have with FOX and they're awesome. I have An F90X new takeoff from a Stumpy HT. PM me if you're interested and I can tell you the length off the steerer tube and all the details. :D
I believe the Tora Race replaces the Tora 318 (for XC forks) for 2009. There is still a 2009 Tora 318 but it only comes in long travel or u-turn versions. Anyway...

I have a 2008 Tora 318 (29er version) and it has been great for its price range. The 318 and Race versions use the same Motion Control damping as the Reba and other high end RockShox forks. It has only one air valve that fills the positive and negative chambers evenly so setup is simpler but does leave you will less room to fine tune adjustments. Also the Tora is on the heavier end but is very stiff because of this. The Recon is the same fork but lighter, and the Reba is even lighter and has more adjustments (Floodgate control, seperate Pos and Neg chambers).

Tree Fort Bikes has some great deals on RockShox forks: Tora Race for $263, Recon Race for $304, Reba SL for $342.
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