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New Saint FH-M810 Hub and Mavic 823 Rim

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I just installed this today, looks sharp and makes my Intense 6.6 feel much more stable in the rear.


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Nice. Saint thru bolt hubs are a nice addition. You can save a bit of weight with a Hadley or Hope aluminum bolt/nut :thumbsup:
Yeah, weight is definitely an issue to consider. I was running a XTR QR hub before, whose aluminum axle gave out. Probably due to me jumping 4' - 5' drops which it's not intended for. I figure I would run the Shimano axle as it was intended to work with the hib. I might try something down the road though to lighten it up.
Does the saint hub come with an axle??? Looking to build up the same wheel set with gold nipples... to match the other saint specs I have.
Unfortunately it does not and can be very costly...most places online avertise it for $138.00 which is absurd.
LOL... just bought them up(810) and it turns out they do. Thank god crc had not sent me the other axel I ordered.
wtf? i ordered the 815 and it had none, oh well, i already had an axle from my outlaw wheels
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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