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New Saint 2011

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I bet that caption caught you attention :) Any info? They should be coming this fall shouldn't they?

I'm speculating same power but lighter :thumbsup:
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Good bet is they get their own version of the ICE-Tech heat-sink pads and steel/aluminum sandwiched rotors like the XTR and SLX discs. Probably see similar changes in the levers too. Hope they keep the two piston caliper design.

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did shimano redesign slx for 2011 to use the vented pads? or do they just happen to fit the same pads as xtr?
SLX has been totally redesigned. But I don't know if the pads will be interchangeable with the old SLX and XT, I suspect they aren't.
Do you know if the redesign for the 2011's or 2012's?
sweet,any photos of the levers ??? and any news on new xt brakes....either way we will not see the new stuff till the late summer early fall...
My sourses tell me Saint will change late 2012
Hmm 2012 you say..I may be misinformed. I was hoping 2011

Anyhow, here's slx levers:
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Yeah they are 2012 but I think that they are coming out in mid-2011. At least according to singletrack magazine
hard to imagine them improving on the previous design much except for possibly shedding a lil weight but im excited to see whats in store
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