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I have some new wheels that I'm having trouble trying to true/dish/tension.
FYI im a home mechanic with minimal tools... decent mechanical ability tho.
1st of all, these are the newest style wheels with the step flange hub, so 28 spokes front and back.
Wheels only have a few rides on them and I noticed a small wobble.
I finally got them true, but then noticed the dish was WAY off. Like almost rubbing the seat stay.
The rear rim was way over to the disc side and the drive side was already way too tight.
So after messing around for way to long I basically started over.
I loosened all the spokes, then re-trued again.
Same result but not as badly dished, but bad enough for concern.
The spoke tension is way to tight on the drive side again, and the disc side is probably too loose.
It will NOT center in my 2020 enduro frame unless I basically make the disc side spokes totally loose, then the wheel would be out of true as well.
No I don't have a wheel dish tool, but I could measure.
I don't have a spoke tension tool either, never have.
I did clean/inspect hub caps and dropouts and they seem good.
Any Ideas?

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Ive been on 2 rides. Same dish. I might give it 1 more try...
Does anyone happen to have a pic of the dropouts (rear hub interface) on a 2020 specialized s-works enduro?
Maybe im missing something.
Will post a pic later
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