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Hey all, Im not new, my email changed and i cant remember my password :/

I got out of the singletrack 4 years ago...went away to college and there was absolutwly NOTHING fun there to ride, so I sold my '10 rockhopper comp.

I found the amazing Hershey PA med center 8-10mi track from a coworker (new job, new place, etc). its groomed and just my style, intermediate to black diamond stuff. rock gardens, roots, dirt and some pumps and flows.

I took my old Hardrock around town bike out and clearly it wasnt ideal lol.

All last week i hit 5+ bike shops, price of $800-1000 for a good trail bike. Rode Trek, Giant, Specialized, Grand sport? to see if i liked these 29ers or not....definitely NOT. too tall, too tippy, too big. I'm 5-9/190, lg frame user. My old 26" was flickable and fun.

I got to one shop and the guy threw this 27.5" + at me and said take it around the lot and see what it does for me. I wasnt looking for a plus and never looked into em. I took it out and inwas actually surprized that a 29er style frame felt fun and maneuverable! it threw a wrench in my gears (pun), and i had to rethink my choices. I did a bunch of youtubing and reviews. the fat tire was a risk i wanted to take.

ok, pros and cons after a 2 hour ride, second time out on a new course and four years not being on singletrack:

-fat tires roll over rock gardens easily
-i dont have to pop u the wheel for every root and rock.
-it looks heavier, but feels fine. i can wheelie right up no issues.
-first trek....i like it.
-the seat is comfy!
-brakes getting better. bedded em in and after they wore a bit they work great.
-the fork is fine for me. i adjusted it fine. lockout is a requirement to tune for me.
-these pedals are WIDE, grippy and GREAT. im a clipless guy and wow i kight leave these on for awhile!!! unexpected!
-shifting is fine. the 1x10.....ill never go back. i didnt even touch the largest ring on the ride. awesome. the range is great.
-ground clearance is a yes. single 1x laughs at log overs.
-crabks are a good length. i dont think i wacked any rocks
-the in-frame lines make cleaning off the underside easy. smart.
-i like the tires. they grip well. i dont slide off roots n stuff either. confidence inspiring.
-the handlebar is wide but sonwas my issues
-fork feels stiff, not flexing like my old one did...because of that boost through fork.

-the grips are a lil thin on rubber, might swap em out. they feel fine but also feel thin. i rife with padded gloves as well btw.
-tires are noiser on the road.
-is it heavy? i dunno. maybe? i think its a mental thing lol
-gotta make sure the front fork through pin is tight! whoops. need an Nm tq wrench (roof rack with fork mount setup)

things ive noticed:
-its a bit bouncier from the big tires on small quick bumps. it took about an hour to feel this and understand thats what it was. now, on the flipside, when you do a jump or come down, those big tires are SO PLUSH on the landing. so i can totally deal with some bounce here n there.
-i can literally crawl up hills on granny, for FUN. i hate hills. but these tires, mannn i can just gear up and play around going up a hill. crazy. before id be slipping and spinning and stopping.
-pump track sections are SMOOTH. no sidewall squish feel.
-I can go fast, but i found myself going slower, having fun, and lasting longer btn breaks.
-either the seat is nice or the tires are nicer, because my back feels FINE.

overall my calculated gamble paid off. Im SUPER happy with this bike, and im just gonna pedal away!

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