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New Rocky Flow

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2003, bought as a frame from a local shop that had it hanging around. Good deal. Much beefier than what it replaced, with only about 750gms extra weight. Everything from my old ride transferred over, except the seatpost. Not sure if I'm digging the all dark colors, but we'll see. I'd like to find an old Syncros silver post, or a ti post for it; what I'm used to using on all my rides. Works for now. Shakedown ride later today, or tomorrow. Messed my hand up a bit in the process of breaking the old frame, so I've gotta' wait until it no longer hurts...... The bike feels very good in parking lot/park testing so far. Much more stable at slow speed, I could already tell. A bit more balanced front to back in the weight, as well.

Link to what happened to the old ride:

Q: I prefer full housing from shifter to mech; anyone know if Rocky will let me open the guides up, without voiding my warrantee? I'm going to call/e-mail to ask. It'd be nice to get rid of the zip ties.



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Don't knwo the answere to your question but that is a nice bike, what type of fork are you running on the bike? Good luck.
Another option instead of zip ties is to use Jagwire problem solvers. (The aluminum clips used to hold hydraulic brake lines to cable guides.)

I do that on all of my and my wife's bikes.

Nice looking machine! Why the stealth look?
yeah, i thought of those cable things. really don't want more crap bolted on, though. i now have all the cable up top zip-tied through the little eyelet under the braze ons. works, looks sano, and leaves no ties wrapped around the frame. me likes. in the last couple years, i've become a great fan of full housing for shifting as well as braking.

talked to the rocky folks this morning - dremeling the stops open would indeed void the warrantee. however, to make me feel better about that, they said no problem if i wanted to stick a z-150, or other large single crown on for lift type days.

the stickers? i've never been a fan of most bike co. graphics. off they went!

as for the other colors, it's what i had. already had the fork, rest of the parts. only thing new was the t h o m s o n post. i'd rather a silver one, but one of the shop rats where i picked up the frame sold me this post slightly used, for a good price. couldn't pass. i can likely sell this one on e-bay for what i paid, and pick up a silver one. just enough other colors on it to make it not all the way blacked out. some red, green, and gold.

such a fashion whore i am.

short ride today on a local loop. very nice! even though it's heavier than the curtlo, i didn't notice at all. accelerated way fast, and seemed even more responsive. probably that the alu tubing is so much more stuff than the steel frame was. didn't notice any harshness to the ride, likely due to the big fatty tires. (2.35 rear 2.5 front) the frame makes more noise; i'm assuming from the alu, and larger diameter tubes acting as an amplifier. got all the seat/bar setup tweaked, and kinks ironed out for a longer ride tomorrow. it likes to wheelie, and was very easy to hop around on. the stays are about 1cm shorter than the old frames, so maybe that helps. headtube angle is 1-degree slacker than i'm used to, but i didn't notice it a bit. i think i could've gone with a 16" frame just as easily, but this 18" seems to fit pretty well.

i think it'll take all the abuse my 65 kilo body can dish out! ;)
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One other solution is that Jagwire makes stick on hose mounts that would work for the cable housing.

The stealth question was about the lack of decals.

Glad to hear you've got it dialed and that the crash injuries are healing. Have fun with the new ride!
i luv my new FLOW

the stealthier the better(stealthier is that a word?) anyways nice ride, i like the way you set it up......mine has a lack of colors but it`s my urban commando rig.......ghost

good times bad times
you know i`ve had my share


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GhstRydrX said:
the stealthier the better(stealthier is that a word?) anyways nice ride, i like the way you set it up......mine has a lack of colors but it`s my urban commando rig.......ghost

heh. scroll down a bit. i've already sold the flow frame, and replaced it with the Peyto featured in a post a couple days ago.

the peyto is a much better frame for me, and what i wanted. steel! i'm quite sure i can put a beating on that frame without having any problems.
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