RockShox Reverb 1x Moab

The Reverb dropper with a trigger style actuator will result in the dropper being used even more frequently due to ease of use.​

What is it?

The RockShox Reverb is among the most popular dropper posts around, but its lever is a bit dated, designed before the dominance of 1x drivetrains. Now RockShox has introduced a trigger style lever optimized for 1x drivetrains and available 1x handlebar real estate. The new 1x trigger lever pairs SRAM's shifter design with low-lever-force hydraulic actuation, creating a remote that is ergonomic and easy to actuate. Its excellent ergonomics and light touch mean that riders of all ability levels can use their Reverb posts quicker, more easily, and more often, for better ride control on the trail. And the new Reverb 1x Remote's Bleeding Edge fitting ensures that the periodic maintenance needed for optimum performance is easier.

Did the old button style plunger of the RockShox Reverb really need replacing or are they just trying to obsolete an existing product and sell us more new stuff? The Mtbr answer is a resounding "YES." The old button actuator is a remnant of the old world where handlebar real estate was at a premium with narrow handlebars and a front derailleur shifter on the left side. But the old system was not ergonomic, using no leverage and it was small and not easy to locate on the bar.

Fezzari Timp Peak Left Remote

The old 1x system involved a small, discrete button that was ok but not ideal for the task, given the new found real estate of 1x cockpits.​

With the absence of the front shifter on many cockpits, riders started looking for dropper levers that mimicked the look and feel of the front shifter. It was a familiar interface and it was easy for the brain to understand and remember. "Right thumb shift, left thumb drop."

RockShox AM Reverb 1X

The RockShox 1x remote mimics the right hand rear shifter well, providing a familiar user interface.​


The remote is backwards compatible with all B1 and A2 Reverb and Reverb Stealth models (identifiable by the black return speed adjuster on the standard remote). It will also be compatible with all Reverb posts moving forward, and will come with new Reverbs in a package called Reverb Stealth with 1x remote. The Reverb Stealth with 1x remote will sell for $399. Upgrade kits, including remote, Bleeding Edge fitting, discreet clamp, MMX clamp, are $95.

RockShox AM Reverb 1X

The new RockShox 1x Reverb remote is a full hydraulic under-bar trigger with improved ergonomics and leverage for actuating the Reverb dropper post.​

More Details

  • Weight is 69.2g - only 21g heavier than the standard Reverb remote
  • MatchMaker X or discrete clamp options
  • Bleeding Edge lever bleed fitting
  • Tooled speed adjust

What else is out there?

RockShox Reverb remotes are very unique devices that actuate using hydraulic fluid instead of cable. Thus, the dozens of dropper post levers available today are incompatible with this system. But with ingenuity and resolve, some companies have been able to create options for those that have longed for a trigger style lever. At Mtbr, we've used two options for several months and have experiences to share.

BikeYoke Dehy Lever

The BikeYoke Dehy lever is a mechanical RockShox lever that mimics a front shifter well.​

BikeYoke Dehy: $110

Detailed here, we've used this system for several months with great results. It is a system that converts the hydraulic actuation to mechanical cable at the bottom of the post. It has near perfect execution adding only 20 grams of weight and no vertical space required compared to RockShox own Connectamajig cable connector.

What it delivers is cable compatibility with dozens of trigger style shifters out there. In addition, the hydraulic line is removed from inside the frame, improving portability and reliability of the dropper post.

Novyparts Reverb Trigger

The Novyparts lever uses existing Reverb hydraulic cables and switches the button style lever to a paddle style trigger.​

This system is made in France and is very similar in design to the new RockShox 1x Remote. It uses the RockShox hydraulic cable and replaces the button style trigger with a paddle trigger that mimics the size and shape of the front shifter.

It is much easier reach and find the lever since it is large and well positioned. One doesn't have to unwrap the thumb from the bar too since the lever is closer to the thumb and not sticking out. Also, because of leverage, it takes less force to actuate the lever, making it easier to use for those with tired or painful joints.

Bottom Line

We think this is a fantastic improvement over the old remote system and it will make the Reverb a lot easier to use and actuate. Price is good, too, especially for a new system that comes with this lever out of the box.

The Reverb will still have a full hydraulic cable in the frame and that will make this dropper post less portable and more difficult to service. A post needing to be sent back to RockShox and reinstalled will still need to be bled. But this new lever is a good option.