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New Rock Shox stuff on SRAMs site

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Hadn't seen it on here yet. New forks and shocks are up, nice to finally se the specs on everything.

*edit* looks like all the new stuff is up. Codes look sick.
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Yeah I can see a pair of new Codes in my not too distant future... :D
Is it just me or is it becoming difficult to understand all of these product lines? There are 10 brakes listed on the page, and half of them look like an iteration of the Elixir. I don't get the difference between the XX and XO, I thought XO was supposed to be top of the line but I guess not anymore?

The new Codes do look pretty pimp.. hopefully they are just as strong as the old version, I love those.

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XX is the ten speed brake man, can't use the X0 with the new ten speed shifters.
xx is the new ultrasupermegalight xc only stuff. the xx is 288 grams and the xx wc is 279. both weights are with 160mm rotors. they have 140s out for them to save even more weight. to give you an idea of how insane that is, a speed dial ultimate lever and single digit ultimate brake setup without including cable and housing is 262 grams per wheel. so the hydraulic system weighs 34 grams more than the cable system WITHOUT the cables. that is crazy light.

as far as the brake lineup goes, i dont see them keeping the juicy 3 for more than another year tops. then you have the elixirs, codes, and x series. not really that confusing, code is dh/fr only, x is xc only and elixir is the middle ground.

it might be easier if sram aligned the names more though. the elixir cr is the x9 equivalent, the elixir r is x7, the 5 x5 and the 3 x3. i wouldn't be shocked if they slowly do this over the next couple years, but they cant just drop the elixir name overnight just as its building brand equity.
Those codes look awesome. Anyone now when this new stuff is supposed to be available?
i want the domain dual crowns to replace my 08 domain 302s SOOOOOO BAD
are the new xx brakes the same as elixirs just lightened? like would you be able to run those on a dh bike like you can with elixirs?
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