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Had to post just to share my excitement with other like minded individuals.

I have been looking at buying a Blizzard for a while now and have posted questions relating to sizing and other things which a lot of you guys have been good enough to answer.

After looking high and low for a 20th Anniversary frame I drew a total blank so I am sure you can imagine my jubilation when out of the blue on Monday I get a call to say that one of the guys at Silverfish (UK RM importers) has on that is in the correct size that he may sell for the right price. Well after a little negotiation a price has been agreed and the bike will be available for collection tomorrow. I really wanted a frame only and have had to buy the complete bike so thats not ideal but I am still over the moon and will just have to upgrade the bits I dont like.

It would be nice to hear from anybody else who owns on of these or anybody who knows anything about them such as how many were made etc?

Photos will follow over the weekend.

Again sorry for going on a little but I just had to tell someone .... if there is anyone out there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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