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This is going to sound vintage!

After spending like a year or two collecting parts, I've had my Super 8 together for about a year now. I love it; I'm riding it every chance I can get, although going uphill to get to the downhill is tough. Heck, last time I rode it all was well until I got home, and found I couldn't stand anymore!

Anyway. The collection of parts has me with mis-matched rims. The front is some Mavic rim, and the rear is some ancient Sun "Big Fat Mammoth" rim mounted on the special RazoRock hub, with the 20mm through axle from an earlier (Bullit front triangle frame?) model S-8. This frame is the later frame though; with the stock 14mm rear end.

I was looking at some Sun Double Track hoops. They seem reasonably priced, and having a Cambria Bike store close by... I was thinking of getting a set of the hoops, and have Cambria lace them up to my hubs.

Is this a good idea? I've got a set of the Sun Single Track rims on my Bullit, and have been pleased with them. Haven't heard any spokes complaining. Yet. But, I heard the spokes on the rear last time out on the S-8. Perhaps they just need adjusting, but it would be nice to have matching rims too.

For some other time, I've also got a 24" rear wheel. It's the Sun DoubleWide laced to the Hadley/ Santa Cruz hub, which will work with my stock dropouts. Just need a caliper mount & a cassette for that wheel; sure will help with the climbs!

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