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( X-post from the Internal Gear Hub Forum )

I am looking for new rim for my rohloff hub that should fullfill following criteria:

Tough, black, inner width ~25mm upwards, disc only, rohloff friendly

I want to ride the rim width quite a load on my advenure/touring/commuter bike. I am 220lbs, the bike almost 40, loaded panniers etc and/or a 5 year old plus seat on the back (with kid short distances only).

I have 13tm/22tkm on the hub now with an andra 30 rim. The rim is ok but has an inner width of 19mm only and with 800+ grams it is quite heavy. The rim is specifically for rohloff, the spoke holes are drilled in the direction of a certain spoke pattern so that the spokenipples and spokes are perfectly in line.

So what are you guys riding on your heavy duty bikepacking/touring bikes?

I got a to look at the WTB KOM Tough i29 TCS 2.0 29". This one seems to tick all the boxes but does it handle the wider diameter of the hub flange? Anyone know this rim?

Any other suggestions would be welcome too!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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