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New rider Maine

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Hey all

Looking for someone to show me the ropes here in Maine. I have only been here a couple years so I don't know any area's to ride. I am 39 and decided I needed to get in shape I have been riding my Schwinn Wally world bike on the road for 10 miles in hilly terrain for the past two weeks and would like to get into off road riding. I also ride an XR 650 in the woods so I am sure some of those skills will carry over. I am located in Monmouth Maine which is about halfway between Augusta and Lewiston
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I'm not very familiar with that area but you ought to check out Brandbury Mtn in Pownel. Great singletrack riding to be had there. And if you are up for the drive come on over to the Sunday River Mountiain Bike Park.
You are in a good location and skill level to have Bradberry close by. I've ridden a lot of trails from NJ to Kingdom Trails in VT and those Bradberry trails are some of the best maintained trails i've seen. And what is better is there is super easy and flat trails to somewhat technical trails like the "O Trail." All very well marked out too; with maps available online.
I am going to have to find a map I guess. Is there a specific area for mountain bikers?
The map shows what you can and cannot find. Just google bradbury mountain in maine. The maps are right on there.
If you're interested in finding more trail to ride and improving your skills join one of the local group rides. LL Bean hosts one at Bradbury thursday nights and NEMBA has been doing one on Saturdays. I think these are slower paced rides geared towards newer riders. You could also join one of the local bike shop rides or check out one of the local riding groups like MOAC or Rage on Portland.
There are also some good riding trails on the other side of the Androscoggin in Turner
C4GES said:
There are also some good riding trails on the other side of the Androscoggin in Turner
Yep I take my ATV there often, I have yet to ride the XR over there though
Hmmm. ATV's and mountain bike trails don't always go well together. While some trails are dry enough to handle both with our mud season the ATV's really dig up the ground and make riding a mountain bike over the same trails a real pain.

While not an ATV fan I see the fun in it, but don't like the noise or the erosion they cause.

Good luck with the mountain biking.
There is a Beginners ride at Bradbury tomorrow morning (Saturday 17th) at 9:00.

[Cut-n-paste email below]

Hey All,

I'm going to run a beginner's ride/skills session on Saturday at Bradbury at 9am:

BCM/NEMBA beginner ride Saturday morning:
This Saturday, 7/17 at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal, ME
Meetup at 8:45am, riding by 9...Ages 10 and up and all abilities welcome!
On this approximately 2 hour ride you can expect mellowness, lots o' stops, technical skills instruction, some falling and lots of laughing. A fun and comfortable learning environment is what it's all about!
Meet this ride at the blue Subaru with the excessively-stickered roof box and obnoxiously yellow/green bike in the upper lot.
Don't forget cash for the park fee ($3... or just buy a pass already, jeez...) Bug spray is also highly recommended... the skeeters are out...

Email me @ [email protected] with any questions!

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There are some new trails being developed near the airport in Augusta:{9E26B069-3859-48F9-81FB-48D8BB33D6AB} or google Bond Brook Recreational Trails Augusta Maine if this link doesn't work.

There is some singletrack near the Hallowell Reservoir. Vienna Mountain above Mt Verrnon has some brutal trails.

Good luck, and have fun!
I rode Bradbury Saturday morning, got there real early had the place to myself. I rode a blue trail up and an orange down. The climb up had me huffing and puffing pretty good, I stopped on a ledge where they have repel posts and from there I took one of the orange trails down. All in all I was OK with most of it my off road riding skills on my Honda XR trained me on picking lines and where my body should be weighting/unweighting etc. The bike on the other hand is not suited at all for that riding, my rear brakes would not hold the bike enough for me to descend down a couple of the nasty drop-offs and using the front would toss me over the bars:eek: I also found out the shocks are worthless they were slapping from overextending and bottoming out:nono: But I must say I like it, more conditioning and a better bike will have me rolling next year:thumbsup:
You should have grabbed a map and headed across the road to the 'East Side', lots of smoother rolling singletrack available over there...
hallowell rez isn't far. great riding. short but sweet.ride there couple times a week. pm if your interested. i live in augusta
We periodically have group rides in the Camden area. Here's a link to Midcoast NEMBA's Facebook page!/group.php?gid=37315773228&ref=ts
Thanks for the link. I will definately look into that, with all the work I have to do around my house and my Wal Mart Schwinn getting beat I won't do too much more off road this year. I will continue to ride slab to stay in shape and building a new bike over the winter.
Yeah, the east side is the more popular side and pretty much the flattest singletrack i've ridden.
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