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New rider but which bike? Specialized (RH, HR) or Trek (4300, 4500)

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Hi everyone! I am a new rider looking to get into the sport. I am 6'3" and about 210 lbs. After looking at many local bike shops I have narrowed my search down to:

Specialized Rockhopper
Specialized Hardrock
Trek 4300
Trek 4500

I want to get into the sport but do not plan on being a "hard core", daily rider (which a lot of my local bike shops are full of). I will probably just go out to the local mtn bike trails a couple times a week and ride with some friends. I want a bike that will last and be durable without spending a ton of money. Initially, I wanted to only spend about $500 (which puts the RH and 4500 out of range) but I have heard many recommendations that the extra money is worth the extra durability. I have read on alot of forums that the 4300 is a great bike but that statement is usually followed with a list of things they have upgraded, ha ha! I would prefer to buy a bike that I do not need to upgrade a year later.

What does everyone recommend? Will I be happy with a stock 4300 or HR or should I pony up the extra money for a 4500 or RH?
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I started with the initial thought of being able to spend around $400 for a good bike.
After I started shopping and learning I realized that while I could get a decent starter bike that I would wish I had gotten more.

Long story short, I ended up with a Rockhopper Expert. I got a good deal on it new at $900 (msrp @ $1100)

Get the best bike you can afford. It will last longer and hold up to any abuse you give it. And, if you do get into riding more than you initially think it will perform better than a lower entry level.

I really consider my rockhopper expert to be upper middle entry level. It has a nice selection of components and an ok fork.

All the bikes you listed have decent frames... it is really the components that keep the price down.

If those bikes are all you are considering right now then basically ride them all and pick the one that fits the best and meets your needs.
You are not going to a ride a bike that does not fit you well so make sure you get that right.
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Id go with either specialized, personally i have a hardrock and like the rockhoppers ive ridden better, there frames would also have better geo for a person of your stature too
I have a hardrock Sport that I have had for about 3 weeks. So far I love it.

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