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New Rider Bike Question

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Hey. I'm looking to buy my first "real" bike and I've narrowed it down to either a Raleigh Mojave 5.0 or a Specialized Hardrock/Sport/Disc. The Mojave is an 08 and I could get a deal for it, $400. The base Hardrock at my LBS is 385, but I'm also thinking about the sport, or sport disc. If I need to I can wait and save up for those if needed. What is everyone's impressions with the Raleigh compared to the Specialized?
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Forgot to add I'm 6'2" 275 buying the bike for exercise and weight loss. I will mainly be riding on the road and light trails. Thanks.
Welcome to the forums.

Either one of those bikes would work well for you. The Hardrock Sport Disc hasslightly better drivetrain components, but is more expensive. If I were you, just starting out with cycling, I'd get the Raleigh Mojave. You won't notice the small difference in components and you can upgrade to a better bike or get better components later.

Good luck :)
I have a Hardrock Sport now for 2 weeks or so. I will use it for the same riding as you. What I have read here was if you are not going to ride in mud and water the v brakes on the Sport are just fine, so I saved 80 over the disk

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