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Hi Rene and all the members of this great forum.

Just want to let you know that on July 23rd we are going to make a brand new ride called "El Gober" and I wanted to make the invitation to all of you before the calendar has been updated in our site

This ride goes from Chiluca to Villa Alpina and returning to Chiluca but in a new route with great views of Mexico City but the best of all is the downhill from Villa Alpina to a little town called Santiago Tepatlaxco.

This ride requires a level between Intermediate and Advanced and the distance is around 47 kms.

If you need additional information do not hesitate in contact me at : [email protected]

It will be a pleasure to have all of you in this new ride.

Best Regards,


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Good to see you around here and inviting us to such nice ride.

How does it compares to El Moabito, in terms of endurance and such? I'd love to go, but I don't know if I'm fit enough for not being a burden.
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