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Was at the shop today looking for some cranks for the Yo EDDY!, and since I'm tired of trying to source vintage iron, and when I find something, it's usually trashed.

Found that QBP ( large supplier) still has Sugino XD 600 cranks, 175mm 26-36-46 in stock!!!
here's the specs...pretty good value for a cold-forged crank with rings, brand retail should be around 100 bux.

Sugino XD600 Triple cranksets

Silver arms with alloy ramped SuperShift alloy rings
Uses 5, 9mm inner bolts, one hidden behind crank arm
Includes pick-up pins and features special tooth profiles for shifting performance and less chainsuck

Arm Length: 175.0 mm
Rings: 26-36-46
Spindle Interface Type: Square Taper JIS
Spindle Length: 118 mm/113 mm
Chainring BCD: 74 mm/110 mm
Bolt Pattern: 5-Bolt, 4-Arm
Crank/FD Type: Mountain
Chain Compatibility: 6, 7, 8
Pedal Spindle Thread: 9/16"
Color: Silver
Weight: 690.0 g
Crank Intended Use: Mountain

hope this helps someone...

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The q-factor on my Hollowtech is about 175. I can really feel the difference going from what I used to have to these. Perhaps I'll eventually get used to it, but for now it sure isn't fun. If those Sugino's are that narrow, I'll give it a try. BTW, I looked these up at the Rivendell site and it says they are indeed cold-forged. Who knows.
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