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I smoked these two guys on 26ers this weekend. Local trail system has a loop system, so basically you make a couple loops, go back to the parking lot, drink a beer or two, then hit it again. I had 20 miles total, for the day, then I met a guy parked next to me after my third loop. He asked me, hey didn't you just pass me? At that point I realized I did. So I talked with him for a while, he was 55, super nice guy, he was out with his son, who was 12 years younger than me. We agreed that when his son returned we would do one more lap on a shorter, but more technical loop. Now Im not trying to paint the picture that I by any means am an awesome rider. Im in my third season, and my first season on a SS 29er. The guys I rode with were local, and said they had been riding for 12+ years.

So we took off for the 4.5 mile loop, and the guys took off in the first mile was flatter and pretty easy. They dogged me pretty bad, but I was confident come time to hit the climbs, I was gonna to get em. Dad was a quick catch he gave up going into the first hill. But the younger guy, at that point was still outta site for me. I kept cranking, attacking the climbs all out, and low and behold, there he was. I caught him about 2.5 miles in, and kept his tail for about another half mile, then in one explosive move, I bolted past him on an uphill switchback. Noted he went to the outside, to avoid the rocks on the inside of the turn and I blew past him on the steeper, rockier section. I never looked back till I got back to the parking lot, where I collapsed into my chair.

When they got back, they were amazed on the climbing ability of the SS 29er, so I began recruiting. They both had nice bikes, just a little out of date, so I saw my opportunity. Then they found out I had only been riding for 2 summers prior, and thats when the lights went on. As we parted we made tenative plans to ride again soon. Really nice dudes, I hope they join the SS 29er army. ;)

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I've been riding a loop at trails close to my house for about 12 years now. I rode the loop with 26" wheels up till about a year ago. Seriously, I would fall in the same spots or have to get off my bike in certain rocky technical areas by the river.

No joke... on my first ride not even being use to my new 29er I rode over a quarter of the things I would fall on. After riding on the 29er and getting used to the geometry I can now ride over everything.

A few of my good buddies give me a bunch of $h^t for riding big wheels. I just :D
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