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I need to build a new wheel for my 2008 Enduro SL.

Current rear hub: Shimano custom M525SL hub for Specialized, 32h, alloy QR

Can this hub be converted to a bolt on to improve stiffness while still fitting into my QR dropouts? I have seen one person use a Hope Pro II 10mm bolt up rear hub on the Enduro SL. I like how those bolts look because I can remove them with my standard multitool--allen key to remove instead of needing a box wrench of any sort. My current rear hub works, so I would like to use it if possible.

As for rims I am leaning towards the Mavic 819, but am concerned it may be too narrow for the 2.5 Weirwolf I run on the front (yes, I am looking at a rear wheel right now, but eventually I would get a matching front rim). I currently run a 2.35 weirwolf on the rear. Opinions?

UST is a plus, but I currently run Stan's strips on my DT420's and love it--so I can just revert back to using rim strips.

Any rim/hub advice would be much appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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