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New rear derailleur for Specialized Hardrock

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Hello, first post here! I fell in love with biking all over again this past Sunday, did some trails on a $100 Target "special" Schwinn which I promptly destroyed because the quality was obviously not up to par. :)

Went out and bought a Specialized Hardrock Disc and really love the bike so far. My only problem is the rear derailleur just does not hold the chain in place on the rear cogs when I am going uphill. I weigh about 200lbs.

I am very new to these new mountian bikes, I come from a world of bikes with motors on them, so just keep that in mind with my stupid questions. :)

What rear derailleur would be a great match for my bike? The front seems to work just fine, I have had no problems with it. I am currently laid off, so money is kind of tight, but I know something out there has to be a reasonable price and much better constructed than the Shimano Altus that come on these.

Help a newb out. I have read a lot but find myself swamped with all the choices and new technical stuff to learn (I maintained my own motocross bikes when I rode, so my technical level is decent).

Thanks in advance!

BTW, this sport is horrible, it is TOO addicting! :)

Edit : I should mention that a guy we met on the ride today suggested the Shimano Deore as a good option. I am by no means an expert rider, so would this work for me?
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might not even have to buy a new one. have your local bike shop adjust it for you.
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