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Hey Guys,

I am very lucky to be able to have a extra 2010 S-works stumpy fsr frame laying around.
The frame was damaged & repaired so its resale is shot.......
(had a very small rock chip that was into the carbon.)

I scored a spec. Ts140a tapered carbon 140mm brain fork on Ebay cheap.

Here is the build.

frameset, highly used XX brakes, highly used XX crankset (39-26), my spare Roval control SL wheelset w/ captain front and Bontrager XR1, old Dura-ace rear road derailleur.

I have yet to try it out yet, I am waiting for a lower bearing adapter from Specialized for the TS140A (new version has a low crown race, old version has a high crown)

So far my gearing choice to start will be 39/26 front & a 16 rear.

I have 4-5 trails that I ride and most are flat, fast & technical despite a few climbs that I need a lower gear for.

I was originally going to build a single FSR but I have these was cheaper to use the high mileage spares I have instead of purchasing more parts.

What do you guys think?

Any of you do this to your ride?

Flame away..........


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Very interesting, should be cool. How many teeth is the rear?

Do you have 3 Stumpy FSR's???
Head down.......yes I do.

2011 pro carbon stumpy for my main ride, a 2010 pro carbon that is my gals bike.....

& now the s works fsr, might sell my 2011 if I like the dingle set up.

Kinda stupid to have such similar bikes, but I have yet to drink the 29er kool-aid.
I have spent significant time on 29ers and don't or cannot feel the need yet.

I am an old trials rider(cycles) and raced motorcycles for years, I LOVE the quicker feel of a 26er.
so goes life.........

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