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new parts (pics): xtr, wcs, f99, extralite, frm...

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hi everyone:

I have some pics to show of the last componets i bought for the bike.

XTR rear der. 195gr. short cage. Used with grip shift 800 x-ray. Cable bolt changed by an aluminium one.

Syntace F-99. 105mm. I had a azonic 185gr 120mm before. Much better now with a shorter stem; I moved the saddle a little bit backwards so now the bike is much more fun to ride and has a better handling keeping the same position. Similar to a gary fisher genesis geometry. And the 4 four bolt front plate (2 bolts each plate) works great with the carbon handlebar. Bought from really cheap. Thanks dirtboy.

EXTRALITE the clamp. Bought at As you can see, all bolts (stem and clamp) are changed by tiny m5 alu bolts and works great, definitely superb. You can tighten the bolts so high that the stem seems to bent and they hold up perfectly. Totaly safe. I recommend to test it.

RITCHEY wcs headset. Superb. I bought it by 54€ (too expensive) but the older one was a cheapo ritchey with 7 years old really craked so...

FRM alu. frame brake bosses. Bought from a guy from this forum from NY.

final result:

full specs here: specs

what do you think? any suggestions? what would you change to improve the bike weight?
i wanna change bb, crankset and wheels.

hope you liked it.
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My F99 stem is on its way to my door.
and also some Ti / Al bolts as well.
It seems I'm not the only one puts the gold color bolts on bikes :D
Let us know how those Al bolts hold up.
I'm putting Ti bolt on the stem, seatpost, disc tabs and rotors.
and Al bolts on the drivetrain, just for my health concern....
You are running XT 11X28 cassette, right?
Ultegra 12X27 could help a little bit for not too much $$
I'm getting one soon.
Very nicely done. The gold bolts just look amazing. I should really do something like that to my bike. Purple maybe :p . Are those your everyday riding tires? I am just curious about that.
Do you have good medical cover?

Al bolts in a stem?

Simple rule of thumb I would suggest would be:

Load bearing bolts ----> Ti
Non-load bearing bolts ----> Al

Seatpost clamp, Stem, rotors and calipers I would class as load bearing.

shifter bar mounting, brake lever bar mounting, pulley wheel and pivot bolts (rear mech), I would class as non-load bearing bolts.

Pushing the boundaries would be alternate Ti and Al bolts holding a rotor on. every other bolt being Ti and every other Al.

Hopefully you get what I mean.

I've previously snapped Al cable bolts and Ti seatpost clamping bolts through over tightening.
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be careful with those bolts....

you save 4g in Al-bolts at the stem and risk your health.hmm....

i personally don't like your bike too much but that's really personal taste, no offense here! it looks too much "self-made" to me. I'd like to see a certain colour scheme going through not orange frame,red,fork,golden bolts etc...i'm sure you will further upgrade bit by bit and the "wrong" colours don't make that a bad bike. it just isn't as nice looking as it could be.
I agree Al stem bolts are a little scary I think.
well, red fork and orange frame looks bad sure... but it was even worse before.

i´m thinking on painting the fork full black, but is a pain in the ass... sand it, prime, paint, clear coat... maybe is better to wait for a new one. Black wheels would be welcome as well.

About the alu bolts, ti is safer and steel even safer, but alu hold up perfectly. I´m sure is easier to break the stem than breaking the alu bolts. Everyone says it´s dangerous but i can´t understand it cause no one has tried it :confused:

My everyday tires are hutchinson python, the rest of the part are what i everyday ride.

sorry wrong!
Al-bolts are unsafe in that application and fatigue could lead to failure. those bolts get stressed far more than you expect....and tiny M5 bolts aren't a size where you are on the safe side either. definitely not worth 4g. think it over !

re-painting the lowers isn't that much of a pain.all you need is some emerycloth and a spraycan with paint...
i think the stem is even weaker than the bolts. it´s easier to break the stem than the bolts.

1 year with these bolts and 0 issues.
Hey do you measure your parts on a scale or get the weight from weightweenies?

I looked at your spec and you list 31.8 mm Extralite clamp with Al bolt at 7 g when my 31.8 mm Extralitre clamp weighs 10.4 g for the clamp and 3.2 for the steel bolt = 13.6 g total. I think your Al tuned clamp can only be ~11-12 g ?!?
I, in the other and, dont agree with Nino, your bike is BEAUTIFULL. *ups, shouldnt post this in aswer to Boj
no, i don´t have scale
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